Thursday 25 April 2019

St. Patrick’s could be ready ahead of time

Brendan Keane

Work on developing the new St Patrick’s Special school building in Enniscorthy is gathering pace and it’s anticipated it could be constructed ahead of its scheduled completion date in April 2020.

Principal, Lee Rogers, said the school will be ‘a fantastic addition to the town’.

Highlighting that the fight to get the new building began around 20 years ago, he said that during that time children were taught in portacabins and in the former garda barracks.

‘Those conditions were not fit-for-purpose and the new school will be a wonderful benefit to Enniscorthy and the wider district area,’ he said.

The school will include a new ultra-modern hydro therapy pool which Mr Rogers said will be of benefit to the wider community as well as the school population.

‘We are really happy with how [the work] is going along,’ he said.

‘It’s progressing very well,’ he added.

While the main structure of the building will possibly be finished ahead of schedule due to the nature of the school it could take a little longer to complete the furnishings and kit-out aspect of it than in other new school builds.

'Obviously, there are some specialised pieces of equipment needed in our school,' said Mr Rogers.

'The shell will be up relatively soon but we need bespoke fittings and that will obviously take a little longer to complete,' he added.

The principal said everyone in the school is getting excited not that shape of the new building can be clearly seen on-site.

'It's been a very long time coming and to see it finally becoming a reality is very exciting.'

Enniscorthy Guardian