Tuesday 21 May 2019

Shop sells local woman second €50k scratch card in six months!

Sarah Masterson, owner of the Kiosk Shop where a customer won €50,000 for a second time on an ‘All Cash Platinum’ scratch card
Sarah Masterson, owner of the Kiosk Shop where a customer won €50,000 for a second time on an ‘All Cash Platinum’ scratch card

Pádraig Byrne

Enniscorthy's Kiosk Shop must surely have bolstered its reputation as one of the luckiest shops in the country last week after it emerged that a woman purchased her second €50,000 winning scratch card in just six months there!

The Enniscorthy woman wished to remain anonymous, but she had already scratched off €50,000 in prize money in April of this year and last week she found herself back at National Lottery Headquarters to claim another €50,000 prize! Remarkably, both tickets were also purchased at The Kiosk Shop.

'It's amazing. I really cannot believe it,' the delighted Enniscorthy woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said. 'I bought a few things for the house with the last win ad still have a huge chunk of it left. So this win will allow us to share it out among the family.'

'I was in the Kiosk and just thought I'd but a Platinum just to try my luck again and I just cannot believe that it was another winner! My husband is claiming that he has lucky hands as he scratched both cards but I told him that it's my feet that are lucky as I was the one who walked to the shop to buy the cards when I was out!'

Again, speculation is rife as to the identity of the lucky winner, but owner of the Kiosk Shop Sarah Masterson is remaining tight-lipped, merely confirming that it's a local winner. While she had sold the first €50,000 winner, her partner Damien Furlong handed over the lucky ticket this time around. The little shop in the Abbey Centre is starting to get a massive reputation as a frequent haunt of lady luck and is gathering an impressive list of National Lottery wins. Back in 2014, Sarah sold a €2.89million lotto ticket which was won by a syndicate of nurses at Wexford General Hospital. In 2017 there were further €10,000 and €500,000 wins and now in 2018, the luck continues with the two €50,000 scratch cards.

'I couldn't believe it,' Sarah said. 'If you went into Paddy Powers, they wouldn't take a bet on it! We've had a few other smaller wins this year on scratch cards as well. The very same day someone won €275 on the lotto.'

In recent years there has been a surge of people doing the lotto and buying scratch cards at The Kiosk and this looks set to continue on the back of these latest wins.

'We would have our regulars that come by to do the lotto every week alright,' she said.

'We get great support from people here. Now one or two of them might just pick up a scratch card as well when they're in as well!'

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