Sunday 21 July 2019

Shock discovery of abandoned dogs in graveyard toilets

John Byrne (on right) pictured with Robert Doran, discovered the two dogs tied up in the disabled toilet of St Mary’s Cemetery
John Byrne (on right) pictured with Robert Doran, discovered the two dogs tied up in the disabled toilet of St Mary’s Cemetery

Brendan Keane

A local man was shocked to discover two small dogs tied up and apparently abandoned in the disabled toilet of St Mary's Cemetery in Enniscorthy.

John Byrne made the discovery on Monday evening as he made his rounds before locking up the cemetery gate for the night.

Speaking to this newspaper Mr Byrne said he discovered the dogs around two hours before closing time.

'I inspected the toilets like I always do and found them tied up in the disabled one,' he said.

The gardai and a local vet were notified about the matter.

'The vet came down and we gave them food and water,' said Mr Byrne.

The dogs, a Yorkshire terrier and a West Highland terrier, are very friendly and according to Mr Byrne appeared to have been look after prior to being abandoned.

Jacqueline Polson, from South East Animal Rescue, was also notified about the dogs and she accompanied Mr Byrne when he met with this newspaper.

'The Westie had a lot of fleas and was very smelly,' she said.

'They were in the dark and the door was closed,' she added.

'They're really friendly dogs but they weren't looked after very well.'

'They weren't nervous in any way,' added Mr Byrne.

That point was underlined by the fact that local man, Robert Doran, walked around the graveyard with the dogs.

However, the animals were very hungry and it appeared they may have been neglected for some time.

Mr Byrne had inspected the toilets a few hours earlier in the day and they weren't there.

Following the discovery arrangements were made for the dog warden to collect them. One of the animals is chipped and Mr Byrne and Ms Polson are hopeful that the owner will be found.

'It's possible the animals were stolen before being later abandoned,' said Ms Polson.

She said there is an issue with accommodation for such animals in Wexford and that she has made representations to the County Council about it.

'There needs to be somewhere that dogs can be brought when they are found at weekends because at the moment there are not enough facilities,' she said.

'Every dog we re-home is spayed, neutered and chipped,' she added.

'We just need somewhere to be available out of hours.'

While Mr Byrne was shocked to find the dogs in the toilets he praised everyone who tended to them.

Enniscorthy Guardian