Wednesday 16 October 2019

Satellite option outlined for Caim

Satellite could be a broadband option for Caim
Satellite could be a broadband option for Caim

Brendan Keane

Some people living in the Caim area could use satellite as a possible means of getting access to high speed broadband.

That was the news relayed to members of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council at this month's meeting.

Addressing concerns expressed by Cllrs Barbara Anne Murphy and Paddy Kavanagh with regard to certain areas of the district such as Bunclody and Caim having very restricted, if any, access to broadband the local authority's Energy Officer, James Owens, said satellite provision might be an option.

'Satellite would be a possible option for the people in Caim,' said Mr Owens.

However, he then commented that if people are using a lot of data 'they will pay for it' using such technology.

'That is the downside,' he said.

'It's beamed 22,000 miles to a satellite and back again,' he added.

Senior Executive Officer, David Minogue, then told the members that the local authority was 'trying to develop relationships with all of the service providers'.

Cllr Oliver Walsh asked if there is any onus on providers 'to provide it' to households and businesses in terms of connectivity.

In response Mr Minogue said: 'In my understanding there is no onus on providers but it doesn't make sense.'

Mr Minogue went on to comment: 'If fibre is going [close] on their road then they should be able to get fibre [broadband].'

He also highlighted the fact that if a person is receiving their phone line on broadband, rather then the traditional copper line, and their electricity goes it will also lead to their phone line dropping.

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