Sunday 21 October 2018

Rector appointed Archdeacon in Church of Ireland appointments

New Ross rector Paul Mooney has been formally raised to the office of Archdeacon in the Church of Ireland diocese of Ferns.

Bishop Peter Barrett presided at the colourful traditional installation of dignitaries' ceremony staged at the venerable St. Edan's cathedral in Ferns last week.

The new archdeacon replaces Enniscorthy based Reverend Kenneth Wilkinson, who has retired, in charge of the day-to-day running of the diocese.

Bishop Barrett, who is in command of the Church of Ireland across a large part of the South East, resides on the other side of the Blackstairs in Kilkenny.

On the same night as Reverend Mooney was confirmed in his office, a number of other clerical appointments were also formalised.

Wexford-based Norman Ruddock became presentor, Enniscorthy's Frank Forbes chancellor and Killegney rector Roger Harmsworth was elevated to the rank of canon as treasurer.

Each office holder was brought in turn to his stall at the head of the old cathedral by Dean Leslie Forrest.

The sermon on the evening was preached by diocesan registrar Reverend Gordon Wynne, who resides in Bagenalstown.

He reminded the congregation that one of his own forebears held office as presentor in Ferns.

The various titles are of long standing, going back centuries.

The presentor, for instance, is nominally in charge of music in St. Edan's while the chancellor is charged with looking after legal affairs.