Saturday 23 March 2019

Plenty of fun for the class of 71

Boolavogue School class of 1971 Reunion in The Harrow Pub
Boolavogue School class of 1971 Reunion in The Harrow Pub

It was a real trip down memory lane at the Harrow Pub recently as past pupils of Boolavogue NS got together once again, 47 years after they moved on from the school. The organising committee have been busy tracking everyone down and contacting their former classmates in recent months and one of them, Ben Martin, explains the reasoning behind it.

'Well most of us turn 60 this year, so we thought it would be a nice time for us to get together. Most people from the class are still living in the local area, but two or three had moved off to England. There were 22 of us in total and I think we were only missing around four on the night.'

While most of the classmates didn't move too far from their native Boolavogue, one of them made a considerable journey to be there on the night. Mary Gahan had arranged to travel back from Wales to attend the patron and was delighted to be able to hook up with her former classmates on the night as well.

'It was a great night,' said Ben. 'We had a few old photos that were dug up and everyone got a class photo to take home with them. Then there was music and dancing and a bit of food as well. It was really nice. It was great to see people who you might not have seen from years. Some of the people there on the night I hadn't seen since we left school 47 years ago!'

Having enjoyed catching up and reminiscing so much, the group are now thinking about getting back together in to mark the 50 anniversary of their graduation from the school in a couple of years time. With friendships renewed, a few of them have vowed to stay in touch until then and not to leave it so long before the next get together. Everyone in attendance was grateful to the organising committee for bringing them all together on the night.

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