Monday 18 December 2017

Please don't forget Gorey!

Wexford's new County Manager was told of the need to keep Gorey high on the county's agenda at last week's meeting of Gorey Town Council.

New County Manager Tom Enright was present at the April meeting, which is the last ever Town Council meeting to be held in the new Civic Offices as the final meeting will be held in the former home of the Town Council, the Market House.

Chairman Michael D'Arcy said he had already had a private meeting with Mr Enright and outlined the specific needs of the town.

He welcomed Mr Enright to the Chamber, saying: 'It's the first and unfortunately the last time you'll attend a meeting here as far as the town council is concerned.'

Mr Enright thanked the members for their invite and said he had been in Gorey the previous week and it had been his first time in the town for a number of years. He said he was delighted to see so much activity in the town saying it was 'great to see the improvements in the town in the last 10 or 15 years'.

'This is obviously a very vibrant part of the county and I will be working hard to ensure it's even more so. Gorey is very important part of the county as part of the whole reorganisation of Local Government in Wexford. It is important that towns are protected and their budgets protected so they can act as service centres for the large areas they serve. My role is to ensure the town gets investment.' Mr Enright said Gorey is a very strong town with great potential.

He said he was aware some members were not standing for re-election and thanked them for their service to the town while wishing the members contesting the elections well.

Cllr Lorcan Allen, the longest serving town councillor, welcomed Mr Enright to the penultimate meeting of the town council. He said he was sorry to see the loss of the council, saying it was a step in the wrong direction. 'Democracy goes out the door', he said, with the loss of the town council.

Cllr Allen said Gorey Town Council had been very progressive over the years and the civic office was testament to this. He went on to say that one of the biggest problems facing Gorey was the lack of job creation.

Cllr Bernard Crosbie also lamented the loss of the town councils and urged Mr Enright to 'remember Gorey and especially Gorey town'. He also said urgent dredging works needed to be carried out at Rosslare Port 'or we won't get a fishing boat into it'.

Cllr Colin Webb said there was a perception, rightly or wrongly, that north Wexford is overlooked by Wexford County Council and asked Mr Enright to ensure Gorey is included in any new projects.

Cllr Robbie Ireton cited a lack of investment from the IDA and said he felt the town could be better served in the Dublin region for IDA purposes rather than the south east. He said the motorway now meant easy links with Dublin.

He also highlighted the importance of Rosslare Port saying he would love to see cruises being attracted to the port. While he said he regretted the loss of the town council he said he was looking forward to the charge and said he believed it presented an opportunity for the town.

Mr Enright assured the members the north of the county wouldn't be forgotten on his watch and agreed work needed to be carried out at Rosslare.

Enniscorthy Guardian

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