Friday 27 April 2018

Pilates for women who had breast cancer surgery

A PILATES instructor who recently moved from Dublin to Wexford town is offering a new Pink Ribbon Exercise Program for women who have had surgery for breast cancer.

Margaret Henry says the programme, developed by American exercise physiologist Doreen Puglisi, is not available anywhere else in the South East.

Margaret says Doreen was developing this program when she, herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer and used it in her own recovery to regain strength, range of movement and most importantly a sense of wellbeing that had been lost due to her surgeries and treatment.

This program has been rolled out throughout the US, Australia and Europe and has been endorsed by health professionals and Breast Cancer Foundations.

Margaret teaches regular Pilates classes to women of all ages and abilities.

Recently she saw a need to teach more specialised areas of Pilates due to the different issues women have to deal with in life – pregnancy, osteoporosis and breast cancer.

She says the six-week Pink Ribbon Program will help women who have had recent surgery or if it was several years ago and is suitable for all fitness levels.

The specific exercises will give women the confidence to strengthen and stretch the affected area of their body and also the chance to regain a feeling of wellbeing. Margaret can be reached on 087 2390835.

Enniscorthy Guardian