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Oylegate hurley maker to show his craft on TV


Paul Maher in his workshop with some of his hurls.

Paul Maher in his workshop with some of his hurls.

Paul Maher in his workshop with some of his hurls.


An Oylegate hurley maker is set to have a TV audience of millions as he reveals the secrets of his craft to the world.

Paul Maher was selected by the Discovery Channel to star on their 'How It's Made' series.

A camera team arrived at his door in Coolanick earlier this month and spent a day filming in his workshop.

The Montreal-based unit came to Wexford hot foot from the Bentley motor works in England, where they followed the manufacture of the luxury cars.

Space was considerably more confined in Coolanick but all involved had great fun following the transition from wooden plank to sporting weapon.

All the Maher family took a close interest in the shoot, with Paul's Carmel serving up refreshments.

Meanwhile the couple's children Polly, Kate and Ned were given a practical day long lesson in the art of film making.

'They just rang unexpectedly and we thought it was a joke at first,' commented Paul, who has been making hurls for three decades.

He continues the tradition inherited from his father Ned Maher of crafting each stick individually, using a sander, band saw and plane.

The hours of filming will be distilled down to a broadcast which will last about five minutes, with commentary added in 35 languages for transmission to a global audience.

Afterwards, both the Mahers and their guests agreed that the day had been good craic.

'Filming with Paul was one of my high moments of filming for the series of 'How It's Made' declared Discovery director Francois Senecal Tramblay, 'and I have been at it since 2005 with more that 400 different subjects filmed. Filming in a family setting is so much different - so much more fun and personal.'

He admitted that the decision to come to Oylegate was taken at short notice as he and his team found themselves with time on their hands during a tour of Europe.

The edited end product showing the process of planking, cutting, planning, sanding, banding, taping and strapping is due to be broadcast some time in December.