Tuesday 23 January 2018

Numbers don't stack up for Wafer Street postal worker

54 Wafer Street, Enniscorthy
54 Wafer Street, Enniscorthy
54 Wafer Street Enniscorthy

Being a postal worker can probably be a difficult gig at times. Every now and again, a picture will go viral of a letter or a parcel with an unbelievably vague address on the front, and yet somehow time and again An Post workers come up trumps and get the deliveries to the right place.

In Enniscorthy An Post workers are left with a bit of a headache on their route, but not because of vague directions on the front of letters, but because of multiple buildings with the same address!

54 Wafer Street is one that has been causing headaches for a while now, as there are several! For starters, you can go up the street and see that The Little Way wellness centre is at number 54.

That would be fine, but if you take a stroll a little further on, you'll discover that, having passed a flat numbered 51b, the California Sun Tan shop is also number 54.

While Enniscorthy Bike Centre next door does not have a number on the wall, the building after it is number 55. All of this means that there are multiple buildings with the address 54 Wafer Street, meaning that if a postal worker gets a letter with just a name and the address, they have to do their best Sherlock Holmes impression to track down the person it's for. Who'd be a postman!?

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