Tuesday 25 June 2019

New houses to increase traffic

Maria Pepper

Fine Gael election candidate Angela Reville welcomes the resurgence of house building in Wexford but is concerned about the impact of an increase in traffic and a lack of street lighting and footpaths on safety levels in local areas.

Traffic from Mulgannon feeding to a bottleneck at Distillery Road will worsen when new housing estates are completed, she said.

She would like to see a new traffic plan being put in place before developments begin, to ensure a free flow of traffic at junctions already experiencing congestion, including Whiterock Hill, Newtown Road and Crosstown.

Ms. Reville is also concerned that the built up village of Castlebridge is without adquate street lighting and footpaths. 'To walk from residential areas to anywhere in the village is dangerous, yet more houses are going up there without sufficient regard for the safety of the residents'.

She asked that footpaths, street lights and road surfaces be put in place before construction work starts. 'If elected, I will be pushing for a change in the way Wexford County Council currently deal with these issues', she said.

Enniscorthy Guardian