Tuesday 25 June 2019

Mythen seeks clarity on plans for 1798 exhibit

The National 1798 Centre at Arnold’s Cross
The National 1798 Centre at Arnold’s Cross

Pádraig Byrne at the Enniscorthy Municipal District meeting

Cllr Johnny Mythen has asked for a detailed plan for the future of exhibits from the 1798 Centre to be presented at the next meeting of Enniscorthy District Council in September.

Major plans are afoot for the current home of National 1798 Centre at Arnold's Cross after it was agreed to sell the premises to local businessman John Stafford of Slaney Farms. Mr Stafford plans to use the building to house a mirco-distillery and visitor's centre around his latest venture Jackford Irish Potato Gin. He is due to take possession of the building at the end of the current tourist season.

Cllr Mythen was unsure of the plans previously, however, and stated that it was his belief that the building should not have been sold until an alternative home had been properly planned for the 1798 exhibit.

District Manager Liz Hore said that the people from the 1798 Centre and Enniscorthy Athenaeum had met and a site visit was carried out at the Athenaeum to establish how much of the 1798 exhibit could be accommodated there in the interim. She said a report on this would be forthcoming and she would bring it before the next district council meeting after the summer break in September.

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