Wednesday 16 October 2019

Mother's despair over bullying

One of the children received a burst lip after being hit in his estate
One of the children received a burst lip after being hit in his estate

Brendan Keane

A young mother from the Enniscorthy area has applied for a transfer from a local authority housing estate out of fear for her children's safety.

The woman told this newspaper at the weekend that her children, who are under 10-years-of-age, are constantly abused verbally and physically then they go outside their house by other children in their area.

'At this stage we just want to move out of the area because I'm worried about their safety,' she said.

'If they go out on the bike they're pushed off it and the bikes are taken,' she added.

What is really concerning for the family is that what began as verbal abuse escalated to physical bullying resulting in one of the children receiving a cut lip.

'He also began to self-harm and that's really worrying,' said the woman.

The young mum has been to the her local GP about the issues and the surgery wrote a letter of support to the local authority with regard to her request for a housing transfer.

Those letters have been viewed by this newspaper.

The children are also exhibiting behavioural issues which their mother attributes to what is happening to them in their area.

'They're afraid of their life to go outside and when they do they're afraid of being assaulted,' she said.

She went on to comment that despite contacting the local authority on a number of occasions nothing has been done to help her find alternative accommodation.

'It's really a case of having to move and I just want our children to be safe,' she said.

Cllr Barbara Anne Murphy said she is aware of the situation and said social housing is a serious issue that needs to be addressed - especially in the area where the woman is living.

'To have any new units would be a help,' she added.

In the case of the young family in question Cllr Murphy said: 'She would get HAP if there were houses available but there are none available.'

This newspaper also contacted Wexford County Council about the matter.

Communications Officer, David Minogue said: 'In general terms it is the policy of Wexford County Council not to transfer a family based on circumstances of experience of anti-social behaviour.

'Instead the Council will seek to resolve the anti-social behaviour and under current housing legislation we have considerable resources available to us to do so,' he added.

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