Tuesday 17 September 2019

Maurice given gift of life with two transplants

Maurice Kavanagh
Maurice Kavanagh

Esther Hayden

An inspirational man who works in Enniscorthy has overcome cancer, two transplants, a leg amputation and a hip replacement.

Maurice Kavanagh who works as a medical secretary with the HSE in Enniscorthy will celebrate the 21st anniversary of his heart transplant this summer and the fifth anniversary of his kidney transplant.

Maurice who is a native of Wicklow town was 12 years of age when he underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a tumour in his leg. He was given the all clear in 1986. In 1995 he was suffering shortness of breath and tests revealed the chambers of his heart were wasting away and that he would need a heart transplant.

He was put on a transplant list immediately and three months later after two false calls he underwent a heart transplant. Maurice returned to work as a chef with the HSE following his heart transplant but then he had to undergo a hip replacement which it is understood was a result of him requiring steroids.

In 2010 he went in to renal failure. He had been born with only one kidney and the other kidney had become damaged as result of the anti rejection drugs he was taking for his heart transplant. He travelled by HSE taxi with other dialysis patients for his treatment at the Beacon. After receiving two false calls for his kidney transplant, the third call resulted in him receiving a kidney transplant in June 2011.

Sadly the same leg which was treated for cancer when he was a child was amputated the following year forcing him to give up work as a chef.

He then did a secretarial course and now is working as a medical secretary with in Enniscorthy. He wears a prosthesis and has a specially adapted car. He urged everyone to support Organ Donor Awareness Week which runs until April 9.

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