Tuesday 16 October 2018

Man tried to take blame for offence by his brother

An Enniscorthy man has been given a further jail sentence for attempting to take the blame for an offence committed by his brother.

Darren Bryan (28) from 36 Hempfield Close, Enniscorthy, tried to take the blame for an offence of which his brother had been accused, and was handed a further six months in jail.

Wexford District Court heard that Graham Bryan was prosecuted for aggravated burglary and was before the Circuit Court in November of last year.

His brother Darren arrived at the Garda barracks in Enniscorthy on one of the trial dates and made a confession to the crime which did not stand up once investigated.

Judge Gerard Haughton learned that the defendant was already serving sentence imposed in another matter and that he was due out of the Midlands Prison in January.

The judge decided to impose a six-month term behind bars for attempting to pervert the court of justice, pushing Bryan's prospect of being free until later into the new year.

The court was told that Darren Bryan was seeking counselling for an alcohol problem while in prison.

Enniscorthy Guardian