Wednesday 17 January 2018

Lucky escape for driver as car bursts into flames

The car on fire. Picture taken by Paul Martin.
The car on fire. Picture taken by Paul Martin.

David Medcalf

A Monageer woman was left shocked and car-less after her vehicle went up in smoke in the middle of the road as she drove home last week.

It is believed that a fuel leak was responsible for the misfortune which befell mother of three Laura Donnelly on Thursday evening.

The fire brigade was called after the luckless motorist abandoned her Peugeot at Doran's Hill on the outskirts of Ferns.

She was about two miles away from the house she shares at Tomsollagh in Monageer with husband Sam Donnelly and their three boys.

The car made a spectacular sight as it went up in vivid flames, fortunately with no one inside, setting fire to vegetation in the ditch at the roadside.

Neighbours came from their homes to see what was going on after they heard an explosion. A trail of leaked diesel was noticed on the road leading up to the scene

The Peugeot was left a shell and the wreck was later taken away by a crew from Motor Salvage Ireland from the scene, which was scarred by scorch marks.

Fire fighters from Enniscorthy spent almost an hour at the scene but there was nothing they could do to stop the vehicle being burnt out beyond recognition.

Enniscorthy Guardian

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