Monday 21 October 2019

Kyle (4) joins climate protest

A 4-year-old boy from 'just outside Enniscorthy' gave his voice of support on Friday's to a student protest that was part of a global initiative for climate change.

Kyle Kehoe, along with his mum, Suzanna, joined a group of student protesters from Coláiste Bríde on Seamus Rafter bridge where he proudly held up his homemade poster depicting his message, 'Save our Planet'.

Kyle also chanted the same message as motorists passed over the bridge, on Friday morning.

Speaking to this newspaper his mum, who is originally from Italy, said it was important for Kyle to give his support to the students' campaign as it was his future they were protesting about.

'He knows about this because he saw on TV about the global strike,' said Suzanna.

'He is the future and he also really loves animals and he cannot understand why people are doing things that will harm them,' she added.

Suzanna also pointed out that it's Kyles generation who will be faced with living with the consequences of irresponsible actions of adults today.

'Every little thing helps and this is good that the students are doing this,' she said.

'All we can do is try and make reversible what we can and it's the young people who can do it,' she added.

Suzanna also commented that previous generations were not entirely to blame for inadvertently adding to climate change problems because they didn't have the knowledge people do nowadays.

'Our generation didn't know as much now young people know so they have no excuse do it's good that they are doing this.'

Enniscorthy Guardian