Wednesday 21 March 2018

Illegal dumping still a major issue in rural areas

The recent dumping in the Milehouse area of Enniscorthy
The recent dumping in the Milehouse area of Enniscorthy
The recent dumping in the Milehouse area of Enniscorthy

Pádraig Byrne

Local residents between the Milehouse and Monart were left dumbfounded last week after brazen dumpers came along and emptied a trailer full of rubbish onto the road in a gateway that's being used as site access for the bypass works, blocking access.

Far from being a couple of bags of household waste, this was clearly the contents of a trailer or van which had been discarded in the middle of the road in front of the gate and included children's toys, plastic boxes, old bins, garden waste and equipment and Christmas decorations.

People in the local area were quick to report the problem. However, areas on the outskirts of Enniscorthy town have experienced problems with illegal dumping in recent months which show no signs of abating. Cllr John O'Rourke says that he is constantly receiving calls, emails and Facebook messages regarding illegal dumping in areas such as Marshalstown, Monart, Davidstown and Courtnacuddy.

He believes that loads like the one near Milehouse are the work of 'entrepreneurs' who turn up with a van or trailer and agree to take away people's household waste for a fee €40 or €50.

While the people paying believe the rubbish will be disposed of by legitimate means, it is being discarded in ditches, laneways and roadsides across the area.

'We're losing control of this situation,' said Cllr O'Rourke. 'We're being told within the council that we're getting on top of it, but if that were the case I wouldn't be getting the amount of complaints that I'm getting on a daily basis. It beggars belief. Some people have to see these vans and see a them,' he said. 'Whether you ring the Gardaí or the council, people need to report this because it's the taxpayers that are footing the bill.'

No doubt the residents in the areas affected would support any call for the strictest penalties to be applied to those responsible for creating this mess.

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