Monday 18 December 2017

Hundreds ask for 'unwanted' pigs



NINE PIGLETS callously abandoned on Mount Leinster will start heading for new homes at the end of the week, South East Animal Rescue has confirmed. The litter attracted national media attention at the weekend, prompting a deluge of calls from people all over the country willing to take them in.

'We have trawled through hundreds of emails and we are still getting calls,' said Jackie Polson of the group this week. ' They are so cute, they really are gorgeous. I wouldn't mind one of them myself. We have to be really careful where we send them but we hope to start re-homing them at the end of the week.'

The nine little pigs were dumped on the Wexford- Carlow border and were rounded up during a two-day search

by volunteers. CALLS HAVE BEEN coming in from across the country from people offering homes for nine adorable young pot-bellied pigs found abandoned on Mount Leinster.

Jackie Polson of South East Animal Rescue is therefore confident that good homes with caring owners will be found for each of the dumped piglets in due course. Meanwhile, the porky pets, believed to be no more than three months old, have been enjoying temporary accommodation in a shed near Clonroche.

'We have already had calls from Clare, Mayo, Cork and Kilkenny as well as Wexford,' reported Jackie Polson. ' They will be homed okay. We have had lots of people calling.'

She admitted that South East Animal Rescue is more accustomed to dealing with emergencies affecting cats and dogs, and they have no previous experience of pigs. However, they found themselves the centre of national attention after a heartless breeder was spotted letting the litter of nine loose to fend for themselves in the wilds of Mount Leinster. A two-day search was mounted to collect the terrified young animals, the last one being tracked down with the help of the labrador owned by local councillor Charlie Murphy.

'They were so timid and frightened,' commented Jackie. 'They are so young, they had probably just been taken from their mother. They wouldn't know what to do on their own.'

The alarm was first raised after two women from Bunclody spied a man returning to his car late last Tuesday evening with a large empty box in woodland on the Wexford-Carlow border. With darkness approaching, it was too late to round any of them up until the next day.

' They are only babies, all black and terribly cute,' said Jackie Polson who runs the rescue service with Jean Stretch and Heather Wall. With no centre of their own in which to welcome strays, they were grateful for the offer of the shed in Clonroche which became the centre of a storm of media interest. It is assumed that the piglets, all of which are male, were abandoned after the bottom fell out of the market for such unusual pets.

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