Sunday 17 December 2017

High percentage of dog foul causing stink with council members

Sara Gahan at the Enniscorthy Municipal District meeting

A large volume of complaints from the public about dog fouling is causing a stink with members of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council.

Cllr Paddy Kavanagh said he was embarrassed when 12 Americans tourists on a visit to Vinegar Hill were greeted with large amounts of pungent dog excrement, much of it hidden beneath overgrown bushes.

Cllr Kavanagh said: 'The caretaker use to keep everything cut back but now he is not allowed, according to some new law. You can't see if you are going to step into any dog foul and it just looks and smells terrible. I felt ashamed when I went up there to see them.

'One day I was on my way to a funeral here in St Aidan's Cathedral. I decided to park near the Presentation Centre and when I walked down I came across six fouls, and two had been stepped in.'

Cllr John O'Rourke spoke of angry residents who have complained to him about dog fouling in the graveyard. He said it needs to be dealt with straight away as the crisis is only getting worse if people are allowing their dogs to foul where people are buried.

Despite the existence of dog litter bins, people do not seem to be using them. Cllr Keith Doyle suggested they try to encourage witnesses to come forward to report an incident.

Meanwhile, both Cllr Kathleen-Codd Nolan and Cllr Willie Kavanagh commented on how the town and the promenade are a disgrace.

Cllr O'Rourke suggested the litter warden view CCTV in areas that have a high percentage of dog foul to catch the offenders.

Director of Services John Carley said it is something that needs to be dealt with but he is not sure how, as many signs have already been put in places around Enniscorthy.

He said: 'The problem I find is no one can seem to read the signs that we have placed around. It is absolutely disgusting as it causes many diseases and is a hazard for children. The only thing we can hope for now is if people start to report it.'

Enniscorthy Guardian

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