Thursday 17 October 2019

Guns discovered in Oylegate

The scene of the find near the new roundabout at Oylegate
The scene of the find near the new roundabout at Oylegate

Brendan Keane

Workers on the M11 Enniscorthy bypass scheme uncovered a haul of decommissioned gun parts on Wednesday which caused work on the new road to cease for a short period of time.

The discovery was made on Wednesday morning near Scurlough's Bush, Oylegate.

Speaking to this newspaper about the matter a spokesperson for Enniscorthy gardai said: 'A number of firearms parts were found buried in a hole in a field.'

The spokesperson said gardai attended the scene after being notified about the find by workers on the bypass scheme.

'The area was sealed off for a short period of time until it was declared safe,' said the garda.

He confirmed that the arms were not part of or linked to any illegal activity and said that following investigations the gardai had discovered their origins.

'There was nothing sinister in it,' he said.

'There were unusable and couldn't be fired and we will get them properly disposed of,' he added.

The gun parts were comprised mostly of barrels and stocks and were in unworkable condition.

'We were notified by BAM workers doing the road and the work on the road was halted for a short while purely for safety reasons,' said the spokesperson.

Enniscorthy Guardian