Wednesday 21 March 2018

Gorey v Enniscorthy in a clash of rugby clubs

Popplewell versus Spud Murphy gets top billing

John Spud Murphy and Nick Popplewell
John Spud Murphy and Nick Popplewell
Enniscorthy's Trisha Doyle and Gorey's Aisling Bolger
Enniscorthy's David Farrer in action against Gorey's Eoin Dunbar
Enniscorthy's Brendan Doyle and Gorey's Tommy Martin in action in the ring
The Enniscorthy RFC team
The Gorey RFC team
Referee Mark Wickham raises the arm of Enniscorthy's Brendan Doyle after he defeated Tommy Martin
MC for the night, Niall Kennedy
Jessica Doyle and Anna O' Loughlin
Karen D'Arcy, Kieran Mc Guinness and Nikki Boyhlan

Fintan Lambe

As the country prepared to stay awake for the big fight in Vegas, North Wexford had its own boxing arena encounter of McGregor Mayweather proportions as two rugby legends, John Spud Murphy and Nick Popplewell faced off against each other in the boxing ring.

Enniscorthy Rugby Club met Gorey Rugby Club in a white collar boxing showdown in the Amber Springs Hotel, and a packed house bayed for blood as the tournament went down to the wire in the final match.

The boxers, all sponsored by local businesses, were all novices in the ring, and spent the past few months training with Barry O'Toole.

The main fight of the night was the tenth match, which was between the former Ireland internationals, Popplewell for Gorey, and Spud Murphy for Enniscorthy. The pair have a great history of friendship and acted as best men for each other at their respective weddings, but all this was left behind as they went head to head in the ring.

After three rounds of ninety seconds each, John was declared the winner, and this brought the tally to Enniscorthy 5, Gorey 5,

It came down to the final match between Jordan Ahern for Gorey and Angelo Todisco for Enniscorthy, by which time, everyone in the room was on their feet, and when referee and judge Mark Wickham declared a draw, the teams were well set up for a rematch next year.

Thanks went to all the boxers, all who attended, the Amber Springs, the sponsors, MC Niall Kennedy, and all who helped on the night.

Enniscorthy Guardian