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GoFundMe page set up for stroke victim Stephanie

Young mother suffers life-threatening stroke as she prepares for work


Stephanie Farnan (28) took this photo at 8.21 a.m.

Stephanie Farnan (28) took this photo at 8.21 a.m.

Stephanie Farnan (28) was found unconscious having suffered a massive stroke.

Stephanie Farnan (28) was found unconscious having suffered a massive stroke.


Stephanie Farnan (28) took this photo at 8.21 a.m.


A GoFundMe account has been set up for a young mother from Enniscorthy who suffered a stroke as she prepared to drop her child to her parents before going to work.

Stephanie Farnan, who is 28, suffered the stroke shortly before 8.35 a.m. on Friday, August 23.

Her brother, Fran Farnan, said his sister is lucky to be alive and but for the quick thinking of his brother, Sean, she probably wouldn't have survived.

Stephanie has a four-year-old son who has just started primary school and normally she drops him down to her parents house who then bring him to school.

However, that Friday morning her parents thought it strange that she hadn't called down and when her dad went to see if everything was ok he found Stephanie unconscious on the bedroom floor.

She had suffered a massive, life-threatening stroke, from which only one-in-10 people survive.

Stephanie was found by her dad at 8.35 a.m. and her brother checked her phone and found that at 7.57 a.m. she had messaged a friend and she had also taken a selfie at 8.21 a.m.

That information relating to the time-frame of events was what ultimately saved her life as it gave the hospital team in Wexford General Hospital vital information as to the best medical attention to give her.

'Only for that they might not have given her anti-clotting medication because after a certain amount of time that can do more harm than good so it really did save her life,' said Fran.

However, the family were told in Wexford that she might not make the trip to Beaumont where a team of surgeons were waiting to take her to theatre.

An angio-seal procedure was carried out and thankfully Stephanie is now on the long road to recovery.

She has to use a walking stick to keep her balance, is on daily medication, and is partially blind in her right eye.

Stephanie is unable to work and has a very long road ahead of her.

'We decided to set up a GoFundMe page help cover the costs involved in helping her recover,' said Fran.

'The house will need to be modified and her car will also need to be modified as well, if needed,' he added.

Fran said that any money remaining once the necessary support measures have been implemented will be donated to the stroke units in Beaumount Hospital and Wexford General Hospital.

Fran complimented the people of Enniscorthy who have sent expressions of good will to Stephanie and the Farnan family.

Fran's brother, Sean, was due to compete in a fight night event for Ajax AFC against Enniscorthy United the day after Stephanie became ill but obviously pulled out because of what happened.

However, Fran said that during the fight night the chairperson of Enniscorthy United, Cllr Jackser Owens, read out a letter of appreciation that was written by Sean on behalf of Stephanie and the family.

'In fairness people were asking us how she was during the night and we're really appreciative of the support she has received,' said Fran.

To support Stephanie's recovery go to www.gofundme.com/28-year-old-stroke-survivor.