Monday 26 August 2019

Funfair owner receives serious injuries in brutal Showgrounds assault

Harry McFadden received 15 staples in the head.
Harry McFadden received 15 staples in the head.

Brendan Keane

An investigation is under way in Enniscorthy following an alleged serious physical assault in the town.

The incident occurred in the Showgrounds area at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 30, and involved well known entertainment businessman, Harry McFadden, from McFadden's funfair.

Speaking to this newspaper on Thursday, Mr McFadden said he was at the end of clearing his business's site in the Showgrounds following a run of performances when, he alleges, he was set upon by a group of around four people.

Mr McFadden said the group used a variety of implements during the attack, including fire extinguishers and 'a rock'.

He was hospitalised in the wake of the incident and received 15 staples to a wound on his head as well as cuts, abrasions and bruises to his body.

He was discharged from hospital after being kept in overnight.

'I also received facial cuts and have four fractured and displaced ribs,' he said.

'I was the last to leave the site and we had left a strap on an electric cable and I went back to get that when it happened,' he added.

Mr McFadden said the attack lasted for around 15 minutes.

McFadden's funfair has been coming to Enniscorthy for over 50 years and Mr McFadden's family has strong connections with County Wexford.

Two of his sisters were born here, as was his wife, and his brother-in-law is from Gorey.

He said he has a medical condition which necessitates him using an oxygen machine and that having the fire extinguishers set off into his face had affected his breathing.

A spokesperson for Enniscorthy gardaí confirmed to this newspaper that members attended the scene and that the matter is under investigation.

He said the scene was forensically examined as were the implements allegedly used in the attack.

Mr McFadden's vehicle was also examined by garda forensic experts as part of the investigation and a number of people were questioned in relation to the incident.

Enniscorthy Guardian