Sunday 19 November 2017

Enniscorthy Chamber hears how positive planning is the key to success

Local business people at the latest Enniscorthy Chamber of Commerce Wake Up Wednesday initiative
Local business people at the latest Enniscorthy Chamber of Commerce Wake Up Wednesday initiative

Maria Nolan

Positive planning was the message from Enniscorthy Chamber Wake Up Wednesday initiative last week at 7.30am in the Chamber offices on Templeshannon Quay.

The talk was delivered by enthusiastic business and tourism consultant Mags Boland Murphy, who manages her own business Bofin Consultancy at Screen, helping all kinds of businesses to excel and succeed.

The message from Mags, a native of Limerick who is married and living in Wexford, is simply to succeed in any business you must create a plan, commit to the plan and follow it through. As she put it, 'activity breeds activity'. Her advice was straightforward and practical. 'Manage your plan' she said 'break it down, quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week, listing your priorities each day and the tasks needed to achieve them.'

Sales, she maintains, is all about 'having a conversation' and she believes the Chamber Wake Up Wednesday series is a wonderful forum providing local businesses with an opportunity to converse and network with each other.

Mags is passionate about what she does, providing a mentoring service for her clients but stresses 'success wont just come to you, you have to work very hard for it, constantly remembering to work on your business not just in it'.

Visualisation, she believes, is an excellent device to utilise both in your personal life and in business. Visualising where you want to be is a step towards achieving it.

Don't be over critical, she says. 'Take time to breath and go easy on yourself - pressure is for tyres' and above all make yourself aware of all the support services available in your area and beyond.

Her sensible, no nonsense, positive approach is refreshing and her short, to-the-point presentation was ideal for the early hour appealing to the many businesses in attendance, who are finding the Wake Up Wednesday initiative a most worthwhile experience and one that Enniscorthy Chamber can be proud of.

The next Wake Up Wednesday in on March 1 at 7.30am at the Chamber offices with guest speaker James Hogan entitled Green Business.

Mags Boland Murphy can be contacted at 086/3115789 or email

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