Friday 24 May 2019

Dumped armchair is a seat in the shade at Friary Hill

The dumped armchair on Friary Hill
The dumped armchair on Friary Hill

While most of us are looking for a seat in the shade at peak times during the warmest weather we've experienced for over forty years, it probably wasn't an act of kindness that resulted in an armchair being dumped at the side of the road on Friary Hill last week.

The armchair made an appearance on Friday morning and was perfectly situated in the shade of the trees there, although it was hardly the intention of it's owners to create a resting place for weary sunbathers. The apparent dumping of the piece of furniture sparked fury among residents of the town who called for tougher penalties for those caught engaging in such activities.

While unfortunately, illegal dumping continues to be an issue on the outskirts of Enniscorthy, with suites of furniture discarded in ditches with some regularity, it's an altogether more rare occurrence to see something of this size dumped in the middle of town.

Enniscorthy Guardian