Tuesday 21 August 2018

Director is 'sick to death' of illegal dumpers

Dumping at Milehouse, Enniscorthy, last year
Dumping at Milehouse, Enniscorthy, last year

Pádraig Byrne at the Enniscorthy Municipal District meeting

Director of Services for the Enniscorthy area John Carley gave an impassioned speech at last week's Municipal District Council meeting regarding how fed up he is of the blight that illegal dumping is causing on our countryside.

When the issue of littering once again arose at the meeting, Mr Carley blasted those responsible and said that the council would do everything in its power to track them down.

'The problem is that people don't think they'll get caught,' he said. 'We are determined to have more enforcement on this and more people caught. It takes time, but we are putting the resources in place to do this. I'm absolutely sick to death of passing along our national roads every day and seeing more and more rubbish dumped at the side of the road. It's disgraceful. It's disgraceful that the majority of people dispose of their rubbish in the proper manner and we're all left paying for these people who think they can get away with tossing bags out of a white van or the back of their car.'

Cllr Barbara Anne Murphy also spoke of one tidy towns group in here area that went out and collected a load of black bags from the side of the road. When they returned to finish up the following day, there was 'another ten or fifteen bags left there'. While all of the council members concede that littering is an escalating problem, Wexford County Council is hopeful that new measures such as plain-clothes wardens, CCTV and new legislation will help.

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