Monday 16 September 2019

Diocese awaits response from curate's superiors

A MESSAGE read aloud at Mass in Bunclody at the weekend and circulated in the parish newsletter has stated that the Diocese of Ferns is awaiting a response to its request that the Institute of the Incarnate Word come to Ferns to address local concerns in relation to missing priest, Argentinean native, Father Ignacio Mikalonis.

Father Mikalonis vanished without a trace recently and eventually parishioners were told that he is 'no longer available for ministry.' Parishioners have not been informed where Father Ignacio Mikalonis has moved to and some rumours are circulating that he may have been recalled by his order - The Institute of the Incarnate Word - to their headquarters in Rome.

The Diocese is now calling on the Institute to come to Ferns and address growing concerns in relation to Father Ignacio. In a message read out by Vicar General, Father Paddy Cushen at Mass in Bunclody on Saturday evening, parishioners were told: ' The Diocese is awaiting ra esponse from the institute to its request that it come to Ferns, address local concerns and provide the required clarifications and reassurances.'

The message to parishioners also stated that ' the institute made it known that there were concerns in his (Father Ignacio's) regard, which remain undetermined. The Diocese has reported the matter to the civil and ecclesiastical authorities.'

A representative of the Institute of the Incarnate Word is due to arrive to the parish at the weekend. Diocesan Communications Officer Father John Carroll said, 'At the moment we've had no contact with Father Ignacio. It's up to the orders to talk to each other but we wouldn't communicate directly with Father Ignacio. At the moment it looks like somebody from the Institute will be coming over next weekend. There has been quite a lot of concern locally, so I think they would do well to address the queries and concerns that the parishioners are expressing.'

Father Ignacio's cousin of the same name, Father Marco Mikalonis, has remained at the priest's house in Kilmyshall.