Tuesday 18 June 2019

Council confirms free parking in official car parks for Christmas

Despite earlier controversy over the proposed abandonment of the scheme, Chairman of the Enniscorthy Municipal District Willie Kavanagh confirmed that free parking would be available in Enniscorthy for Christmas week, starting today (Saturday). However, in line with other municipal districts, District Manager Liz Hore stated that this would only extend to council car parks and that there would still be a charge for on-street parking.

It had previously been reported that the municipal district council were looking at the possibility of scrapping free parking at Christmas, saying that the town's workers were taking up all of the spaces in the town centre which were aimed at shoppers and visitors. This provoked a furious reaction from certain quarters, accusing the council of blaming the workers for penny-pinching on their part.

However, it was confirmed on Monday that this wouldn't be the case and that all council car parks would be free of charge from December 22 and throughout Christmas week until Saturday, December 29.

Enniscorthy Guardian