Thursday 17 October 2019

Convicted rapists back on the streets of Enniscorthy

Brendan Keane

Two men from Enniscorthy convicted in 2008 of raping a Waterford woman in her own home are back on the streets.

John Connors and Patrick Moorhouse, both of whom had addresses at Esmonde Road, Enniscorthy, at the time of their trial, were both unanimously convicted of rape by a jury of seven men and five women in the Central Criminal Court in December, 2008.

Connors was 25 at the time of his trial while Moorehouse was then aged 22.

The two were registered as sex offenders and were sentenced early in 2009. However, they were both released after serving 10 years behind bars and a spokesperson for gardai in Enniscorthy confirmed that the two have returned to Enniscorthy.

The release of the two has caused some concern among local people in the town

However, they will remain under the supervision of the Probation Services and strict conditions apply to their release.

At trial the two men denied raping the woman who, the trial jury heard, was pushed into a bedroom at her home and onto a bed.

She was also punched in the side of her face.

A piece of rope that was on the floor was wrapped around her neck and both men took turns in raping her while the other held the rope.

The court heard that the victim's toddler was in the living room of the house while the horrific attack took place.

The woman, who was 24 at the time of the trial, said the two men forced their way into her home after they called to her door and asked if she wanted to buy a camcorder.

John Connors and Patrick Moorhouse, who are now in their 30s, denied raping the woman but were found guilty by in the Central Criminal Court jury in a case that lasted eight days.

The jurors took just under four hours to reach their verdict and were excused from jury service for 10 years.

The trial made national headlines at the time.

The rapes were committed at the victim's home in Waterford, in August, 2006.

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