Tuesday 17 September 2019

Company goes back to school for volunteer work

Brendan Keane

Workers in BD Enniscorthy have showcased their caring nature and willingness to highlight the company's ethos by carrying out voluntary work in the community.

The Operations Manager at the plant, Margaret Nolan, spoke to this newspaper about the work carried out by staff members in two local schools: St Senan's Primary school in Enniscorthy and Lady of Fatima School, Wexford.

Work was done at the schools in the areas of grounds work and light maintenance.

'We provided the labour and the materials to carry out the work,' sad Ms Nolan.

'BD values working with the community and this work was done to highlight that ethos,' she added.

With regard to why the two schools were chosen Ms Nolan said: 'We chose those two schools because funding for them wouldn't be as good [as others] because they try to keep their funding for inside the classroom and the benefit of the children.'

She said the BD Enniscorthy ethos is based around three key values: we win and lose together; everyone counts, and community.

'It's to make sure we have a presence in the community and that we give back to the community,' said Ms Nolan.

Such was the level of interest in the community programme that 35 people volunteered to get involved.

'Unfortunately, we could only choose a small number and we had five people in Lady of Fatima school and four in St Senan's,' said Ms Nolan.

BD Enniscorthy has the largest workforce in the town and currently employs 490 people.

Ms Nolan said the company was delighted to be able to 'give back' to the community and assist two very worthy schools.

Enniscorthy Guardian