Wednesday 20 March 2019

Cold calling should not be done

Utility company carrying out replacement work at various locations in Enniscorthy

Brendan Keane

Representatives of Irish Water cold-calling on residents in Enniscorthy was raised as a cause of concern at this month's meeting of the local authority.

Cllr Johnny Mythen raised the issue as Senior Executive Engineer, Tadhg O'Corcora was presenting his report to the members.

The members were informed that Irish Water has commenced the replacement of existing domestic lead connections from junction box to service main at numerous locations throughout the town.

The regional contractor for the water service work is Coffey Northtumberland and it's estimated there are between 75 and 260 connections in need of replacement in the town.

The members were also informed that the local authority is preparing a plan in conjunction with Irish Water to reduce leakages in the town's main water network.

Funding has also been approved by the body for the replacement of all backyard services in a number of areas around the town including: Redmond Street; Drumgould Villas; UDC Range; Pearce Road; St John's Villas; Bellefield Road and St Aidan's Villas.

Preliminary designs in relation to some of the areas have already been prepared.

However, it was also noted in the report to the members that the contractor has been cold-calling on the houses concerned with the members being informed that the take-up to-date has been 50 per cent while a 75 per cent take-up is required.

It was in relation to the latter point that Cllr Mythen expressed concern.

'I have had people on to me about cold calling,' he said.

In particular he was referring to ongoing work to upgrade the domestic water systems and replacing old lead piping in houses.

'A lot of people don't even know it's happening,' said Cllr Mythen.

'If someone cold-calls to the door a lot of people do not engage with them,' he added.

He then suggested that a letter could be sent to residents explaining what's happening to them and also the media could be utilised to inform people.

Mr O'Corcora said he would pass on the concerns expressed to Irish Water.

'They were hoping to have an open night [on the topic] but I think a letter would be a good idea,' he said.

Cllr Keith Doyle suggested that flyers might be an easier option.

Mr O'Corcora said that in some cases it takes time to explain what is happening, however, he added: 'I will pass on the recommendations.'

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