Wednesday 18 July 2018

Closed footpath on popular route causes danger for runners and motorists

The footpath at Red Pat’s Cross
The footpath at Red Pat’s Cross

Runners and motorists have both bemoaned the danger at Red Pat's Cross on the main Enniscorthy to New Ross Road. While the footpath had become massively overgrown in places, a sign went up quite a while ago which stated that the footpath is unsafe and is closed to the public 'until further notice'.

This has resulted in runners and walkers who use the route taking their lives in their hands by stepping off the footpath and walking on what can be a dangerous section of road. While the footpath has been left like this for quite some time, the route has seen a rise in popularity among walkers and runners as a result of it being part of the Hope & Dream 10 route, with participants eager to give it a whirl ahead of the big event in April.

While the footpath remains overgrown and closed, new signage has been installed in recent weeks on the same stretch of road and, while this is to be welcomed, many motorists and runners would hope that re-opening the footpath will be higher on the agenda of priorities for the council over the coming months.

Enniscorthy Guardian