Monday 10 December 2018

Busy times for Slaney Search & Rescue

From Storm Emma to flood watch, the group are busier than ever following their AGM

Slaney Search & Rescue committee pictured at their AGM in the Riverside Park
Slaney Search & Rescue committee pictured at their AGM in the Riverside Park

It's been a hectic couple of weeks for Slaney Search & Rescue. From dealing with Storm Emma and it's aftermath to being placed on flood alert, the crew have been putting in a lot of hours recently.

With people all over Enniscorthy waking to find they had been snowed in following the storm, vehicles rugged enough to make it through the thick white blanket were in high demand and Slaney Search & Rescue's Landrover Defender was among those on the road from early morning helping out wherever they could. A crew of three volunteers were out from early on, battling through the snow to get to people in need of a helping hand.

'We were able to help out doing the meals on wheels and making sure we got hot dinners to elderly people around the place,' said Slaney Search & Rescue Chairman Shane O'Connor. 'Then we also helped out by doing a couple of hospital runs because the ambulance service was under severe pressure. We were getting messages from people who were stuck looking for some help, so really we just tried to help out wherever we could.'

As the snow began to thaw last week, the crew were on alert once again as Enniscorthy braced itself for flooding. All equipment and boats were moved to higher ground and Slaney Search & Rescue's volunteers were braced for the worst. Thankfully, they weren't called on again during the week, although Enniscorthy is facing a tense wait before it's completely in the clear. The volunteers at Slaney Search & Rescue, as always are braced and ready to go in any event.

Before having to leap into action, the group had its AGM in the Riverside Park Hotel which saw Shane O'Connor elected Chairman, Pat Casey Vice Chair, Eileen Mullally Secretary and Phil Deacon Treasurer. PRO for the coming year is John Byrne, Fundraising Officer is Wally McKenna and Martin O'Keeffe will be Equipment Officer.

The group wished to thank the people of Enniscorthy and surrounding areas for all their support over the past year and also thanked Supt Gerry McGrath and Sgt Colum Matthews for attending their AGM on the night.

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