Wednesday 21 March 2018

Business woman calls for more protection in current leasing laws

The Sonas Health and Wellness Centre on The Duffry, Enniscorthy
The Sonas Health and Wellness Centre on The Duffry, Enniscorthy
Proprietor Siobhan Kehoe

Pádraig Byrne

An Enniscorthy business woman has called for greater protection for those leasing commercial premises after her landlord gave her three months notice to vacate her premises on Duffry Hill, despite having spent thousands on renovating it.

Siobhan Kehoe started the Sonas Health & Wellness Centre at Duffry Hill just over a year ago and has enjoyed great success there. A trained nurse and midwife, Siobhan helps people from all over the country who are having difficulty conceiving, using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicines. The business has gone from strength to strength and welcomes customers from all over the country,

Having received notice to vacate the premises from her landlord, Siobhan has been forced to re-locate to Bunclody to the old AIB Bank premises. While her landlord is within her legal rights to give her notice to quit the premises, Siobhan is calling for more protection for businesses renting property locally.

'The same thing happened to the last girl who rented the premises before me,' she said. 'She had spent thousands of euro doing the place up too. There's nothing I can do about it legally. Fortunately, business is going very well, but I just moved house five or six weeks ago and I didn't expect to have the stress of moving business as well. I had no intention of leaving Enniscorthy'

Siobhan says she was given no reason from her landlord as to why their arrangement was being terminated, and it was her understanding that she would take out a three year lease after she finished the one year one.

While it's a shame for Enniscorthy to be losing an award-winning business, it serves as Bunclody's gain as Siobhan sets up shop in the old AIB premises and she aims to be up and running there by early November after she hands back the keys to the current building on October 31.

'I don't want to paint myself as a victim here or anything like that,' she said. 'But really I just feel that something should be done to protect business owners a little bit more. I don't even know what that would involve, but this seems to be a recurring pattern in Enniscorthy in recent years.'

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