Thursday 20 June 2019

Bunclody VC celebrates success

6th year academic award winners with principal Jay Murphy
6th year academic award winners with principal Jay Murphy

Brendan Keane

The students in Bunclody Vocational College have been acknowledged by the school for their academic and extra-curricular success at the school's annual awards ceremony.

The event took place on Monday, May 27, and there was a great buzz of excitement around the school throughout the day.

During the event an illustrious and varied range of awards was presented reflecting the enormous amount of work undertaken by students and staff during the year.

The presentations ranged from academic and class awards to JCSP, Gaeltacht scholarships, merit, and enterprise awards while attendance and sports achievements were also recognised.

A number of special guests were in attendance including Sharon and Brandon Webb, of Ireland's Got Talent fame, Kevin Lewis, Chief Executive of Waterford Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB), Cllr Barbara-Anne Murphy and Eugene McDonagh, representing Bunclody Credit Union, which sponsors the Junior and Senior Student of the Year Awards.

Also in attendance was Chief Superintendent Pat McMenamin, Superintendent Syl Hipwell, and Garda Paul Buckley.

Supt Hipwell, who is a past pupil of the school, spoke fondly of his time there and how the teachers encouraged him and helped him to get to where he is now.

During the ceremony he presented Breda Cushen with a Garda Youth Diversion Award for her work in the community.

A spokesperson for the school told this newspaper: 'While there were numerous academic awards there were also awards given out to those who show a love of their subject, those who show a great work ethic, and those who have achieved something special throughout the year that is not just academic or sporting.'

The Music Department provided the entertainment with a fantastic drumming performance opening the Awards while the school choral group also delighted the audience throughout the ceremony.

The highlight of the day was when Sharon and Brandon Webb performed their song, 'You are the reason'.

The song earned the duo 4.5 million views on YouTube.

After the rapturous applause, Brandon told the story of how he ended up in a coma after his drink had been spiked with drugs.

He spoke of the pain he put his mother through and how, having made a miraculous recovery, he was grateful to be alive.

He said he wanted to educate young people about the damage that one tablet can cause.

'The audience listened spellbound to his story and he got an emotional standing ovation at the end of his speech,' said the school spokesperson.

In his address, principal, Jay Murphy reflected on the past year and on the 'enormous effort and dedication' shown by pupils and staff.

He stressed the importance of school attendance and taking part in every aspect of school life.

Mr Murphy, also told those in attendance that the awards being presented were reflective of the overall spirit of the Bunclody school.

Mr Murphy thanked the Parent's Council and the Board of Management for all their hard work throughout the year.

He also announced that the forthcoming multi-million euro extension is at an advanced stage and there will be announcement in relation to that 'very soon'.

Mr Murphy took the opportunity to wish the outgoing students well in their future endeavours.

Mr Lewis also spoke at the ceremony and highlighted the value of education and the work that WWETB is doing for the sector in the county.

He spoke about the Bunclody school's multi-million euro building programme and praised the students on their endeavours over the year.

History was created at the ceremony this year with the Bunclody Credit Union Student of the Year award being awarded jointly for the first time.

It was presented to 6th year students Abbey Lee Roche and Tilly Raleigh Abbott.

The Credit Union Junior Student of the Year award was presented to 3rd Year student Leah Coleman.

The overall list of prize-winners at the event included: Senior Students of the Year: Abbey Lee Roche and Tilly Raleigh Abbott; Junior Student of the Year: Leah Coleman; Sports Person of the Year: Padraig Nolan; Junior Sports Person of the Year: Thomas Jeffers; Aosdána (People of the Arts Award): Yvonne Lambert; Junior Musician of the Year: Kayleigh Tobin; Senior Musician of the Year: Shauna Sadler; Exceptional Attendance over 5 years: Jessica Brennan, Luke Byrne, Ruth Byrne, Rebecca Codd, Leah Coleman, Breda Cushen, Jack Deacon, Leah Doyle, Cillian Dunbar, Ryan Hayes, Faye Jordan, Tomas Murphy, Billy Phayres, Shauna Sadler and Josh Tobin; 3rd Year Academic: Leah Coleman (six subjects), Shauna McGovern (four subjects), Katie Smith (two subjects), Leah Jordan, Zak Byrne Nolan, Marcus Griga, Leah Power, and Amy Cashe; 6th Year Academic: Shannon McGovern (four subjects), Shannon Murphy (three subjects), Chloe Hayden Doyle (two subjects), Amy Power, Megan Norris Hughes, Yvonne Lambert, and Shauna Sadler; Academic Non-Exam Classes: Faye Jordan, Billy Phayres, Dawit Bakale, Eabha Duignan, Eimer Cowman, Megan Morahan, Akvile Cepukaite, Grace Smith, Breda Cushen, and Clodagh Moulton; Third Year subject Students of the Year (enthusiasm and commitment to a subject): Jessica Brennan, Courteney Roberts, Ella Keane, James O'Leary, Jack Deacon, Leah Jordan, Ruth Byrne, Callum Boyce, Dylan Roche, Shauna McGovern and Cillian Dunbar;

Sixth Year subject Students of the Year: Tilly Raleigh Abbott, Yvonne Lambert, Shauna Sadler, Kyle Kavanagh, Megan Norris Hughes, Abbey Lee Roche, Cathal Dreelan, Shannon McGovern, Jack Saunders, Katelyn Dunbar, Amy Power, Rowan Deane and Ciara Moran; Diogras Awards: Leah Barron, Joshua O'Leary, Adam Warren, Edin Hozic, Cian Murphy, Patrick Murphy, John Joe Murphy, Hannah Redmond, Leah Murphy, Catherine O'Connor, Shauna Doyle, Abbie Gahan, Ryan Basele, Kyle Ronan and Aoife Kavanagh; Nellie Foley Award (Home Economics): Leah Jordan; Michael Hegarty Cup (Woodwork): Oran Grogan; Young Social Innovators Awards: Megan Morahan and Heather Boyce; Gaeltacht Scholarships: Zoe Irwin, Faye Jordan and Ciaran Murphy; Lourdes Trip Winners: Clodagh Moulton and Stephen Roche; Class Spirit Awards: Joshua O'Leary, Cian Murphy, John Joe Murphy, Heather Boyce, Adam Jeffers, Seth Abu, Kyle Ronan, Aoife Kavanagh, Yvonne Lambert and Killian Colemam; Music Awards: Faye Jordan, Eimer Cowman, Billy Phayres, Cian Kearns, Leah Jordan and Luke Byrne; Sports Awards: Kyle Kavanagh, Thomas Cowman, James Black, Eimear Raleigh, Rebecca Codd, Tomas Murphy, Thomas Jeffers, Cillian Coleman, Breda Cushen, Maria Kessler, Dawit Bakale, Eimear Raleigh, Breda Cushen, Joel Abu, Ryan Basele, Clodagh Moulton, Jack Deacon, Shauna Doyle, Leah Murphy, Eimer Cowman, Desmond O'Connor, Cillian Dunbar and Thomas Fitzgerald; Spirit of Sport: Adam Jeffers and Chloe Murphy.

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