Tuesday 21 May 2019

Bumpy flight for Clive as pilot attempts to land during Storm Ali

Clive Barnes
Clive Barnes

While Storm Ali wreaked havoc at the National Ploughing Championships and left a huge amount of downed trees around the country, at Dublin airport, plucky pilots battled to try and get flights full of passengers on solid ground in extremely difficult circumstances, Enniscorthy musician Clive Barnes was among those affected as his flight from Amsterdam, where he had been performing the night before, was thrown around having made two attempts to land before heading off elsewhere.

'The plane made two attempts to land during the storm, coming just feet from the runway and having to accelerate back up above the clouds while being viciously ragdolled by the wind,' he said. 'Both attempts were unsuccessful and we diverted to Shannon to refuel.'

Having undergone somewhat of an ordeal, Clive and his fellow passengers were then forced to wait on the runway as the plane was refuelled and then for more favourable conditions for another approach to Dublin.

'Personally, I'd be happy to hop out here, grab my guitar from the hold and hitch-hike to Dublin,' Barnes joked at the time. 'Terra Firma and all that...!'

Footage circulated online of a Ryanair flight coming within metres of the runway while being battered by wind at Dublin airport. At the last minute, the pilot decides to pull up and head back up again.

It is unclear whether this was the flight the Enniscorthy musician's flight, however, he will just be thankful that it wasn't another Buddy Holly-type scenario and he made it back to ground in tact and ready to continue his tour with Ed Romanoff. The blues maestro has also just finished touring with Jim White and is really clocking up the mileage around Ireland, the UK and even further afield.

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