Sunday 26 May 2019

Bernadette set to exhibit work at RDS

Bernadette Doolan
Bernadette Doolan

Pádraig Byrne

Enniscorthy based artist Bernadette Doolan is to have her work displayed at Ireland's premier art fair, Art Source, at the RDS from November 9 to 11. A 'desire to help' was said to have been the Enniscorthy artist's inspiration to paint socially conscious pieces and paintings that depict the human condition.

Bernadette was thrust from ceramics into painting when she decided to help the homeless through Focus Ireland. She was forced to pick up the paintbrush after plans to make ten pieces of ceramics were ruined by a broken kiln.

'The homeless issue was prevalent even back in 2005 and I always wondered what I could do to help,' she said. 'Focus Ireland was holding a charity exhibition in which I committed to take part but my kiln broke and I hadn't the money to get it fixed. It was either cancel or get out of my comfort zone and paint. All the pieces sold on the opening night.'

Speaking of her work, Bernadette said: 'I tend to always wonder what can I do in certain situations so I paint scenes of social conscience to try and make the viewer think too about issues such as homelessness or other topics where people have no voice.'

Previously, Bernadette held an exhibitino called '196' in which she designed 196 unique spoons to represent the amount of children who died whilst in the care of the state between 2000 and 2010. Her work approaches topics of social conscience with not apportioning blame.

'My work is not about blame or even about pointing a finger,' she said. 'It is simply creating awareness on these issues and making people think for themselves about them. My work is focused on life, from childhood to old age and everything in between - our dreams, our fears.'

Over 15,000 people are expected to view exhibits at the major event in the RDS and Bernadette is among 175 artists showcasing her work. Admission to the RDS for the event is €10.

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