Sunday 22 April 2018

Avenue needs new trees

The Avenue in Gorey.
The Avenue in Gorey.

A tree-lined Avenue is all Cllr Lorcan Allen wants.The matter was raised twice at last week's meeting of Gorey Town Council.

Chairman Michael D'Arcy agreed the work on The Avenue should have been completed by now. 'We are promised it would be done 10 or 15 years ago,' he said.

He pointed out that the road had been dug up several times and it had been agreed to have it 'restored to its original glory'. However, he acknowledged that 'an engineer can only do what he can with the money he has'. 'It's been very unfair on residents putting up with this for 10 years. Three trenches have been put in over the years.'

Executive engineer Neville Shaw said a detailed design had been carried out last year and the council was on the verge of appointing a contractor. He said the money would come from development levies and once the council got the green light for the spend the contractor would be appointed.

The meeting then moved onto the next item on the agenda. However, the matter was raised later during notices of motion.

Cllr Allen had laid down a notice calling for the trees to be replaced and said the delay 'is becoming a bit of a sham'.

'Mr Shaw has told you the reason,' Cllr D'Arcy pointed out. 'We got an explanation from the engineer.'

But Cllr Allen was not to be silenced. 'There are practically no trees on the Avenue. As bad as they were at least we had trees. Half the Avenue hasn't had a tree on it for three years,' he fumed. 'It's a disgrace it's not even planted with a tree.'

Cllr D'Arcy said: 'Everyone accepts that. We've been hammering on about it for three years but the county council didn't provide the money.'

Mr Shaw said the council was 95 per cent ready to start and added some of the 'trees are very old and gnarly, past their sell-by date'.

'Like a few councillors in this chamber,' chuckled Cllr Robbie Ireton. 'Past their sell-by date!'

Mr Shaw said the council intends to replace these trees with younger trees and said the council hadn't undertaken planting at time intervals because it wanted to plant all the trees together so that they would mature in sync.

Enniscorthy Guardian