Tuesday 23 July 2019

Another Templeshannon meeting to discuss regeneration project

Annette Moran
Annette Moran

Pádraig Byrne

While members of the Enniscorthy Municipal District Council have already rejected Part 8 Planning Permission for the Templeshannon Regeneration Project, following uproar in relation to the imposition of a controversial one-way system, a local group are hosting another meeting on the matter at St Senan's Community Centre this Thursday night, January 17, at 8 p.m.

A previous meeting had taken place at Treacy's Hotel before Christmas, with the hotelier playing a big part in proceedings and voicing his objections to any plans for a one-way system.

Coming under significant fire at the meeting, Cllrs Keith Doyle and Paddy Kavanagh returned to their council colleagues to discuss the matter and at the December meeting of Enniscorthy Municipal District Council it was announced that the councillors would be rejecting the plans and that the whole Templeshannon Regeneration Project would have to return to the drawing board for the planners to come up with a viable solution.

Despite this, however, local business woman Annette Moran says that things have been left unclear and is hoping for a big turnout at the meeting she has organised where people will have the chance to air their views.

'I want people to come together and to see what their opinions are,' she said. 'At the last meeting, everyone was very much against the one-way system, so we want to have it confirmed exactly what is going on and maybe even form a committee to put some pressure on the council and make sure that they are listening to the people.'

When it was pointed out that the councillors had already rejected the Part 8 Planning Application, Ms Moran said that she had been told that the council was voting again on the matter on January 21.

County Council Chairman Keith Doyle clarified this saying that there was to be no other vote on the matter. As far as he was concerned, the one-way system was off the table at least until the planners came back with a more workable solution and that the only other vote would be that the decision has to go back before the county council - something which he said is more or less a formality.

'There is no need for a meeting,' Cllr Doyle stressed. 'We made a clear decision that this is off the agenda until the planners can come back with 100% of the picture. I'll be calling around to people to reassure them that we won't be changing the two-way system and that it's off the agenda until the planners figure out an alternative which could be months or even a year down the line.'

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