Sunday 16 June 2019

Aidan Browne gets the nod at Fianna Fáil selection convention

Aidan Browne
Aidan Browne

Pádraig Byrne

The Browne name will once again appear on the ballot paper in next year's local elections, it was confirmed as Fianna Fáil held their selection convention in Enniscorthy last week.

A first cousin of TD James Browne, Aidan Browne of Gort na Gréine is to challenge for a seat in the Enniscorthy area alongside sitting Fianna Fáil councillors Keith Doyle and Barbara Anne Murphy.

While Cllr Willie Kavangh moves into the newly formed Kilmuckridge electoral district, the party decided to run a third candidate in the Enniscorthy area in any case. While the overwhelming hope within Fianna Fáil is that all three will make it past the post, it can hardly have been a popular move with Cllr Doyle who now faces extra competition for votes within his hometown.

Originally from Marshalstown, Aidan is married to Christina and has one daughter Darcy aged 5. This is not the first interest he has taken in running for the council. In 2009, Aidan had been due to run for the town council, eventually being replaced by his cousin James who topped the poll.

'I was looking to go at that time, but I think the timing just wasn't right,' he explained. 'I was about to get married and a lot was going on.'

Aidan worked in the maintenance side of things at Castle Gardens nursing home for around seven years, before taking up a role at Enniscorthy Vocational College earlier this year. He also comes from a sporting background and is heavily involved with Moyne Rangers, where he is the manager of the first time. As well as this, he takes a great interest in Marshalstown GAA Club.

Speaking after his endorsement at the party's selection convention, Aidan hopes that he can make a difference in the community.

'I think councillors can make a huge difference, working and living in their communities,' he said. 'I'd be out there and talking to people and I know the issues. My priorities will be looking after local matters and to keep selling Enniscorthy. They're doing a good job of that already, but I think it's a great place to work and live. Apart from that, I'd just want to work hard for the people.'

After Christmas, things are sure to step up a notch in terms of campaigning for the local elections, however, at this early stage, Aidan and Fianna Fáil are hopeful of a clean sweep.

'Well, I think James is keen and we're all hopeful that we can take the three seats in Enniscorthy,' he said. 'It will be tough going, but that's the goal anyway.'

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