Tuesday 23 July 2019

Afternoon tea event is €900 fundraiser

Jacqueline Redmond, Tracey O’Connor and Lisa O’Connor
Jacqueline Redmond, Tracey O’Connor and Lisa O’Connor
Mary Sinnott, Margaret O’Brien and Kitty O’Brien

Brendan Keane

The organiser of an afternoon tea event in Enniscorthy has thanked everyone who helped make the event a great success.

Liz Brookes, from Milehouse Road, held the event as one of three fundraising initiatives for Special Olympics Ireland and it raised €900.

Speaking to this newspaper she said it was a great day out.

'It wasn't great weather in the morning, but the afternoon turned out lovely and we had about 48 guests which was brilliant,' she said.

She thanked everyone who assisted her in making the fundraiser not just a success but very enjoyable for those who attended.

'It was a great day and now I'm finished with Special Olympics for another four years but I think this year's afternoon tea went so well that I might organiser another one again next year and begin the fundraising early,' she said.

Through her three fundraising initiatives this year Ms Brookes has raised €4,500 for the organisation, but she was quick to point out that it's the generosity of people and their caring nature that makes such fundraising events a success.

Enniscorthy Guardian