Friday 20 April 2018

Accused of punching two sisters in the face

A 24-year-old Polish National appeared before Gorey District Court accused of punching two sisters in the face, in what Gardaí stated was a completely unprovoked attack.

Pawel Szymanski of 90 Meadow Gate, Gorey, was accused of attacking sisters Jamie and Lorraine Kavanagh on Gorey's Main Street on July 21 last.

Gardaí told the court that the defendant had allegedly punched Jamie Kavanagh in the face, splitting her lip, and then proceeded to pin Lorraine Kavanagh against the window of a shop and punch her in the face.

Speaking through an interpreter, Szymanski alleged that he was verbally abused by the women and there was provocation on their part.

Judge Haughton said, 'Well if he's relying on provocation as a defence, I think we should have the injured party here to respond. It would be unfair on the injured party to proceed without offering them the opportunity to respond.'

The case was adjourned until June 5 to allow the injured parties to be called.

Enniscorthy Guardian