Saturday 18 August 2018

Raising a cup to unity between the churches!

Fr Odhran Furlong and Rev Nicola Halford
Fr Odhran Furlong and Rev Nicola Halford
Rev Eric Duncan, Pat Leacy, Lily Leacy, Michael Pierce and John Foley

There was a wonderful coming together at St Mary's Church recently as Rev Nicola Halford hosted a special coffee morning to celebrate Church Unity Week.

The event saw parishioners from St Aidan's Cathedral come together with St Mary's Church of Ireland to celebrate an atmosphere of inclusion and friendship in our local community. As it happened, Church Unity week coincided with painting work being done on the Cathedral, which saw masses moved to St Mary's temporarily. Fr Odhran Furlong said that they were extremely grateful to Rev Nicola Halford and everybody at St Mary's for providing the historic building.

'Coincidentally, church unity week coincided with the work on the Cathedral and we had been allowed to use St Mary's for masses,' he said. 'Then it was wonderful that Rev Nicola provided tea, coffee and treats and we were able to all sit down together and enjoy a nice cup of tea. It was a really lovely gesture and we're very grateful that they could provide St Mary's Church to us while work was ongoing. It was an honour and a privilege.'

There was a great attendance at the event over the course of the morning with around 100 people enjoying tea and treats. Fr Odhran and Rev Nicola thanked everyone who came along on the day.

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