Wednesday 24 April 2019

Pilgrimage bingo in the hall in Oulart

Ger Dempsey, Bridget Moran and Katie Walsh
Ger Dempsey, Bridget Moran and Katie Walsh

Brendan Keane

Oulart community centre played host to a fundraising event recently that was very well supported.

The fundraising bingo was organised by the local GAA club and was held in support of the Irish Pilgrimage Trust to help cover the cost of sending nine young adults from the south east region on the pilgrimage at Easter.

Speaking to this newspaper one of the local volunteers who will be travelling as a helper on the pilgrimage, Nicola Doyle, said it was a good night .

Ms Doyle, who is also involved with the club said the local GAA has been running the bingo since October but for the last few weeks it has used the bingo sessions to raise money for local organisations and charities.

'It was decided that this time around it would be for the Pilgrimage Trust,' she said.

Such was the success of the event that in total €800 was raised. That included around €400 on the night itself along with a further €180 in donations.

The nine young people from the south east region who will be travelling on the trip to Lourdes are aged between 13 and 22 and the money raised from the fundraising event will to towards covering their costs.

The volunteers who accompany them all pay their own way over on the trip and that's one of the benefits of fundraising events like this; everyone who supports it knows the money will go exactly where it is most needed.

Ms Doyle will be accompanying the young people on their pilgrimage from Easter Sunday until the following weekend.

The GAA was very appreciative of the level of support all of the bingo sessions have received to-date with a lot of money being raised for the organisation itself and many other local charities over the last few months.

The community centre in Oulart is one of the most widely used rural facilities of its type in the county and a lot of work has gone on in recent months to increase the level of activity in the hall.

The fundraising bingo is just one of many different initiatives taking place in the facility.

The IPT thanked everyone who supported the recent session and said the money will be put to good use.

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