Monday 26 August 2019

Philip's generosity and kindness spoke volumes


The late Philip O'Connor
The late Philip O'Connor

A man of high standards and principles is how Philip O'Connor (30) will be remembered, who lived life on his own terms so much so that he often surprised people.

Philip was the youngest son of James and Marie O'Connor, and grew up in Oylegate as the baby of the family alongside his youngest sister Josephine, and his older siblings Michael, Stephen, James and Jean.

Family was always very important to him throughout his life, and he had a lot of time for his parents and siblings as well as his home place in his village of Oylegate.

His big passions were in pastimes, which saw him develop a deep interest in electronics, and the workings of cars to drones.

He bought his first Nissan Skyline when he was only very young and spent all of the money that he had between insurance, NCT, tax as well as equipment in practically rebuilding the whole car, which was an ongoing activity with his father.

Philip never drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes or gambled, and he preferred to spend his nights searching the internet to find what part he was going to purchase next for his car than on nights out with friends.

Philip was a simple man who lived a simple life, he didn't say too many words but always spoke in huge volumes through his kindness and generosity.

He was a careful and patient man and he didn't like to rush things, but was always a great time keeper.

He studied at Waterford Institute of Technology, and after his graduation decided to travel to Australia to meet his brothers and see a bit of the world before settling down into his dream job.

Since coming back he had been working in Intel for just over a year, and had started to gain more friends developing a new social circle working in Kildare.

Philip worked well in his teams and on his own, as he was the sort of man that had to be only shown once how to do something to remember it.

Philip never got into any arguments or quarrels, and preferred to be kind and caring which was in his nature to his very core as he never had a bad word to say about anyone.

He was also very close to his mother, and would do little things for her just so she wouldn't have to as he liked to be of help and to fix things.

He would never want her worrying about him and would always try save her some money wherever he could.

Philip also loved to care for his nephew Erik, playing and joking with him but always keeping calm and collected. He found joy in making others smile or forget their troubles when they were around him.

Beneath the kind and quiet exterior that so many knew Philip for he was a witty, humoured, intelligent and funny man with a genius streak for anything to do with wires or cars.

He spent time hand building drones and in being a man of principal, everything had to be one hundred percent right before he was happy to sign off on it, as he was a perfectionist when it came to the things he loved.

He held an interest in vintage and classic cars, and his friends would say that he would always have the car polished cleaner than the dishes.

Philip is survived by his parents James and Marie, siblings Michael, Stephen, James, Jean, Josephine, extended family relatives and friends. May he rest in peace.

Enniscorthy Guardian