Saturday 24 March 2018

'Hot Offers' initiative to keep shoppers local

'ENNISCORTHY is alive and kicking'. That was the message from the town's traders as they battle to retain the loyalty of shoppers in their district.

Just a few days after the introduction of an Enniscorthy gift voucher scheme, the business association launched a 'Hot Offers' initiative.

The glossy brochure trumpets bargains, ranging from two pairs of jeans for €20 to a couple of pounds of mince for €6. And it came with a promise of more 'Hot Offers' in November, with more of the same in December.

At the same time, the traders are set to celebrate a Bank Holiday pumpkin festival and plans are brewing to make Christmas in Enniscorthy a memorable experience.

The latest brochure, with a print run of 20,000, was launched last week with photo-calls upstairs at Mad in Market Square. Damian Byrne of the book shop in Court Street hoped that consumers will take full advantage of the bargains on offer and suggested that local retailers are in determined mood.

'All the stakeholders are working together and that is why this is happening now,' commented Damian Byrne. 'Enniscorthy is not a town full of generic brands. It's full of locally owned businesses.'

The EBA estimates that there are 264 businesses active in the town centre, with close to 1,500 people employed.

While many of these are not retail outlets, the shops continue to provide much of the activity in the local economy in the teeth of the recession.

'It's a great town,' insisted Damian Byrne. 'The tide is on the up and things are definitely improving. There is an air of positivity.'

Enniscorthy Guardian