Saturday 20 July 2019

When will 'new political vision' be a reality?

Lucinda Creighton: mixed messages on her new vision
Lucinda Creighton: mixed messages on her new vision

Deborah Coleman

Recent indications from Lucinda Creighton that she is keen to offer voters a 'new vision' for the next General Election appear to have given mixed messages.

While there was some speculation about the likelihood of a new political party being established she has denied this but made it clear she isn't in favour of the independent political approach.

There is definitely more than enough room for a new political party but one that is just that, new and transparent.

We need a clean slate and a fresh approach to politics in this country because let's face it-we are hardly spoiled for choice.

There must be a balance of real expertise and experience when it comes to running a country however.

Anyone can talk the talk and make empty promises on the election trail telling people what they want to hear but delivering on those promises is a very different story.

There is a palpable weariness amongst us with politics as we know them. Election after election the faces might change but the way our country is being managed is not changing enough to meet the demands of its citizens.

The amount 'given back' in last week's budget was chicken feed to most people who have been hit time and time again in previous budgets.

For many the figure they will receive through tax adjustments might not even cover their water charges, and yet we are expected to be grateful.

If Lucinda Creighton doesn't plan on launching a new party it is difficult to see how she will make this new vision a reality.

There has been so much talk of change since before Fine Gael were elected that people are sick and tired of hearing the same broken record without any real action.

The John McNulty Seanad election debacle was evidence of the fact that crony-ism is still alive and well in Irish politics.

Despite Enda Kenny's pre-election promises that this, of all the faults of the previous Government was one of the most pressing issues to be addressed it is still happening.

In other countries when scandals like this break those responsible have the good grace to resign and hold their hands up.

Heather Humphries took 'full responsibility' for the situation publicly but in what way-a radio interview swallowing her pride?

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