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Replenish good gut bacteria to help tackle bloating


Udo's Choice Super 8 is a probiotic that may help with bloating

Udo's Choice Super 8 is a probiotic that may help with bloating

Udo's Choice Super 8 is a probiotic that may help with bloating

Let's talk bloating. This has to be one of the most asked questions.

Bloating is extremely uncomfortable, your clothes don't fit, and you can feel like you're carrying an extra person. It can also affect your mood if the bloating is bad plus it can affect your energy levels.

The most common cause is that you have food sensitivity and have eaten a food that your body doesn't like. The objective is to find out what that food is. Sometimes you know what it is but you find it difficult to avoid, sometimes you can't figure it out. You could have a food intolerance test to check this out.

Another possible cause is that you are deficient in an enzyme required to break down certain foods. Digestive enzymes could help to digest foods. If you can identify the food and you only have that food once a day then you will only need to take the enzymes with that meal.

You may be low in good gut bacteria as a result of antibiotics, medication, or stress. Therefore you may need to take a probiotic for a period of time to replenish good gut bacteria.

My sister Linda works with me at the shop and she occasionally experiences bloating. These are some of her favourite supplements. She recommends peppermint oil capsules to relieve bloating. Or she suggests Aloe Pura Peppermint and Chamomile Complex which contains digestive enzymes, a good option if you're low in them

When Linda feels that you're also in need of a probiotic she likes Udo's Choice Super 8, or if you need a combo of enzymes and probiotics then she chooses Terra Nova Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Complex. This provides you with a supply of enzymes to help you break down the food, and a replenishing supply of good gut bacteria.

She likes to use A.Vogel Yarrow Complex when there is suspected food intolerance. This complex stimulates the digestive system, wakes it up as such, and helps with the symptoms of bloating.

Everyone is different, so call in and have a chat, and let us help you feel good on the inside!

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