Tuesday 16 July 2019

Reaction to scam restored faith in humanity

Older people are being increasingly targeted by people on their door step
Older people are being increasingly targeted by people on their door step

Deborah Coleman

I'm sure I wasn't the only person happy to learned that scammed pensioner Kathleen Byrne received her €3,000 back after it was stolen from her recently by conmen,

Following national outrage it was most welcome when Gardaí succeeded in apprehending suspects and retrieving the woman's life savings which she was relieved of by heartless thugs posing as roofers.

We have reached a stage where we can hardly trust anyone that comes to our door because genuine tradespeople do not cold call and report flaws and repairs which they simply spotted by coincidence.

I don't know why I was shocked to hear of this woman's story because it is happening all over the country every day of the week.

We only know about this case because she was brave enough to speak out about what happened to her. Others might feel ashamed or embarrassed for allowing themselves to be taken in by such conmen but they shouldn't.

These people are so convincing and appear so genuine that it is often very difficult to know whether or not they are sincere.

There should be more protection for people such as Kathleen Byrne, living alone and a prime target for this sort of crime.

I heard someone on radio saying that there was no point in even appealing to the better nature of the gang responsible to return the money because they simply have no scruples and I am inclined to agree.

Unfortunately there are some truly cold hearted and callous people operating in society and appealing to their moral compass wouldn't change a thing.

The fact that they went through with this sickening scam in the first place without a second though for this poor woman is evidence of this.

She was probably just one of a number of people on their list for targeting. The more they approach, the more chance there is of at least one coughing up money.

The one positive thing that came out of this whole sorry tale was the public reaction. The support for Ms Byrne was admirable and restored faith in humanity for many of us.

A bank account was opened to the public to make donations to replace her life savings and there was genuine disgust and anger about what had happened to her. I hope those who conned her are aware of this,

Enniscorthy Guardian